• HA Household Appliances talks about 3P

    On the May number, available by clicking here, the specialized magazine in household appliances has mentioned our company in 2 articles: Pag. 6 / 9: a reportage about the past convention “energy efficiency label for range hood” during MECSPE, with relators’ pictures (among them, Rosalino Usci), declarations and comments Pag. 10 / 11: a presentation of our test bench, to measure the energy efficiency of […]

  • TRE P ENGINEERING at MECSPE for the 1st time

    3P will be exhibiting at the next edition of MECSPE in Parma, from March 23rd to 25th, 2017. Stand F 07, Pavillon 8 MECSPE, with its 16th edition this year, is the reference show for the manufacturing industry, introducing more then 1.800 exhibitors, 11 thematic forums, 10 demonstrative units, 8 excellence corners and 50 educational moments. Besides showing live one of its most innovative testing equipment – the airflow […]

  • “PR2” Valves Testing

    Tre P Engineering recently conducted, with satisfactory results and witnessed by an independent third party, the PR2 testing procedure on a Class API1000 DAFRAM 3.1/16″ x 2.9/16″ valve – 690 bar rating pressure. API 6A Appendix F PR2 has been specifically designed to tests components which will be installed in remote and hostile environments and offers an […]

  • The new project M-STEKIO

    After an extraordinary competition with only 6 projects awarded all around Europe, Tre P Engineering was granted the EU call for proposal COS-DESIGN thanks to M-STEKIO, a project to develop a highly innovative cooktop. The project, started in January 2017 and ending in December 2018, is based upon a total investment of 1,6 million euros, with […]

  • Performance tests (TAT) on industrial valves

    Tre P Engineering has recently performed, with satisfactory results, Type Acceptance Tests (TAT) on big dimensions’ (36” and 48”) ball valves manufactured by DAFRAM SpA.   Testing has been executed according to Shell Mesc 77/300 (Procedure and technical Specification for Type Acceptance Testing [TAT] of industrial Valves); leakage and fugitive emissions tests, in particular, have been conducted on […]

  • CHIMERA: kick-off meeting in Brussels

    On October 11th, Rosalino Usci, Tre P engineering CEO and CHIMERA project leader, has been invited to Brussels, to the Kick off meeting of all LIFE projects financed in 2016. As a matter of fact, CHIMERA has been selected and approved among other 100 projects all around Europe. The European Commission welcomed all the winning […]

  • CHIMERA kick-off meeting

    Today, Tre P engineering has signed a partnership agreement together with the Dutch farm Renders & Renders. The Renders are two Dutch brothers, living and working in Eindhoven, where they operate a big, modern and automated chicken farm. Being very sensitive both to respect the environment and to avoid the huge costs for the current […]


    Today it has been the first internal communication workshop of Chimera project: the Tre P engineering staff sit around a table to agree upon the main message, the target audience, the first sketch of the storyboard for the info-graphic, to be published soon on the dedicated website. We started with Rosalino (CEO and project’s inventor) […]


    With the project CHIMERA (CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation), Tre P engineering has won a grant promoted by the EU in the LIFE program, dedicated to innovative ideas for the develpoment and implementation of new environmental and climatic policies. European Commission – Life Programme Tre P is the project ideator and coordinator and will develop […]

  • Rotary Award

    3P was awarded by the Rotary Club for their outstanding qualities in innovation and for their business dynamism.

  • Household Appliances talks about 3P

    From the academic world to the market growth Born as a spin-off of the Ancona University, Tre P Engineering succeeded in emerging and standing out from similar business field competitors, thanks to a solid technical-scientific background and to a young engineering team, able to create forefront solutions. The activity involves the concept, simulation, tests and prototypes of improved products, test […]