Mission & Vision

Who we are

Tre P Engineering Is passion, creativity, teamworking, innovation, curiosity, simplicity and determination.

Our “vision” reflects our values, ideals and aspirations: to bring to perfection what we actually have and use, conceive, design and create what does not exist yet; optimize and improve what exists and is currently being used.
Our “mission”, explains describing our goals, our strength, the needs we want to satisfy and the way we make it: cooperate with leader companies providing them high skilled and experienced technical and technological support in designing, prototyping, optimization and engineering of complex mechanical systems and components.



3P Engineering was established in 2002 thanks to a business competition (ECapital 2002) as innovative metallurgical laboratory and engineering firm. In 2008 it moved to the present location and the thermo-fluid dynamics and electrical laboratories has been introduced, the first test bench capable of running performance tests was produced. The large use of simulations offers the possibility to “virtualize” the component/system in the “real” conditions. In 2011 starts the combustion laboratory and the development of software applications; in 2012, the multitasking machining centers, molding of plastics and heat treatments was introduced. In 2013 the company has evolved with the local unit of Urbisaglia dedicated to Oil & Gas and belong to Dafram group. The laboratory has been included in the MIUR* register of research laboratories, reach the Accredia compliance according to UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 and the birth of polymers section are the awards to the continuous development expanding its horizons and skills.


Chiaravalle (AN) facilities

The company has offices, laboratories and fully equipped workshops, covering an area of about 1400 sq.m. at the headquarter of Chiaravalle and 500 sq.m. at the new local unit of Urbisaglia. Metallurgical and polymer and polymeric, thermofluidodynamic and combustion laboratories are the excellence of Marche Region and central Italy. The HPC cluster, the manufacturing and processing facilities, the non-destructive testing allow to face the challenges most daring and exciting.


Urbisaglia (MC) facilities

The staff is the key of the growth and success of 3P Engineering: a team of more than 20 young people, most of all are engineers and PhD. Supporting teamwork and encouraging creativity we were able to make innovation our work.


  • OIL & GAS

*Waiting for accreditation