• HA Household Appliances Parts & Components and the Test Benches by 3P Engineering

    The international magazine “HA Household Appliances Parts & Components” (March 2018 edition), has dedicated an article to the Test Benches of 3P Engineering, highlighting how in the household appliance market, state-of-the-art test benches allow executing reliability tests and line-end controls – starting from the energy efficiency- while drastically reducing times and costs borne by manufacturers. […]

  • 3P Engineering on “la Repubblica” in the feature on the Marche Region

    A leading company that proposes innovative engineering solutions to create value and trigger evolutionary processes in companies: this is how 3P is described on “la Repubblica”, one of the most important Italian newspaper, in a special feature dedicated to the Marche Region, in the edition of Monday 19 February. The overview of products and services […]

  • Energy Efficiency and 3P on “la Repubblica”

    Innovation for sustainable development: 3P Engineering presents an overview of solutions for Energy Efficiency on “la Repubblica”, one of the most important Italian newspaper. In the foreground, the new cooktop projects that 3P is developing and which guarantee energy savings and optimized performances: M-Stekio, already chosen by the European Commission for its innovation, and E-Festo, […]

  • 3P Engineering on the Italian economic-financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”

    3P Engineering is one of the leading companies of the reportage dedicated to the Marche Region entitled: “ANCONA – Values, Innovation and People of Local Businesses”, published on 31 January 2018 on “Il Sole 24 Ore”, the most widespread Italian economic-financial newspaper. In evidence, the new 3P projects already chosen by the European Commission, that […]

  • HA Household Appliances talks about 3P

    On the May number, available by clicking here, the specialized magazine in household appliances has mentioned our company in 2 articles: Pag. 6 / 9: a reportage about the past convention “energy efficiency label for range hood” during MECSPE, with relators’ pictures (among them, Rosalino Usci), declarations and comments Pag. 10 / 11: a presentation of our test bench, to measure the energy efficiency of […]

  • Household Appliances talks about 3P

    From the academic world to the market growth Born as a spin-off of the Ancona University, Tre P Engineering succeeded in emerging and standing out from similar business field competitors, thanks to a solid technical-scientific background and to a young engineering team, able to create forefront solutions. The activity involves the concept, simulation, tests and prototypes of improved products, test […]